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Small Acts of Kindness with Succulent Arrangements

Redeeming Eden

is about helping people to create their own beautiful, succulent arrangements. We have unique mission to change the world through your partnership, by donating a portion of sales to causes that relieve poverty, end human trafficking and spreading truth to the world. Have us create you an arrangement that can be delivered straight to your door, or do it yourself with a wide variety of plants, containers and accessories through our store.


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We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best quality to meet all your garden and home decor needs. From beautiful and rare succulents, custom containers, and accessories, we aim to be the resource to serve you for all your projects' needs.

We want to do more than just donate a portion of sales to charities and causes across the world. We want to partner with you by helping us fight poverty, end human trafficking, relieve hunger and so much more. Find out how you can participate in Redeeming Eden by visiting our mission page.

Quality Products. Affordable Price.

Because we pour every ounce of creativity, dedication, and care into every arrangement we sell, we have the honor of winning over the hearts of so many happy customers. Find out how we can help you create your own arrangements, or how you can have us create one for you by visiting one of the links below.

See our process with behind-the-scenes posts and be a part of our family. Take part in the fun and love that comes with every relationship we build. Join us on our blog.

For us, the job of making succulent arrangements is so much more than putting plants together. It’s about being able to deliver a kind of quality that exceeds expectations.

Choose from several carefully crafted designs, seasonal or simple, we have succulents for everyone that’ll meet all your do-it-yourself needs. See our selection!

Have something specific in mind but don’t know where to start? Have us create a succulent arrangement for you, any project for any occasion. Contact us today.

End Poverty. Fight Oppression. Reverse the Curse.



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Tell Us About Your Project

Just call or fill out the form below